Timber Decks

Bundaberg & District Floor Sanding don’t just offer services for house interiors – we also specialise in timber deck sanding and polishing services.

Bring your timber deck back to life

The fierce Queensland weather, regular foot traffic, pets and use of furniture can cause extensive wear and tear to a timber deck over its lifetime. Before you know it, your timber decking may not look as new and attractive as it once did.

You may not need to replace it – consider simple floor rejuvenation

While you may be considering replacing an old and worn deck, if the foundations are still strong, you may be able to give it a complete new lease of life simply through deck sanding and polishing. We have transformed many old decks throughout our 25 years in business, proving this to be a great option for rejuvenating the exterior of your home.

Pet-friendly products that won’t harm your family

If you’re worried about potential fumes harming children or pets that play on the deck – don’t be. We use Uvex by Haymes., a top quality, water based, UV resistant product that doesn’t share the same dangers as solvent-based products. In fact, our polishes are the safest you can get, offering maximum protection.

Think your timber decking floor is unsalvageable? Think again! Call 0417 646 381 today for a free floor sanding inspection and quote!